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Nanometer-Scale Iron Oxide Magnetic Particles: Synthesis and Magnetic Properties

  • John K. Vassiliou (a1), Vivek Mehrotra (a2), Michael W. Russell (a2) and Emmanuel P. Giannelis (a2)


Nanometer-scale iron oxide magnetic particles have been formed in the porous network of a cross-linked polymer matrix by ion exchange and subsequent hydrolysis. The oxide particles are uniform, well-dispersed and spherical with a diameter ranging between 30 and 1200 Å depending on the synthesis conditions. The DC magnetic susceptibility, measured between 4 and 300 K, continuously increases with decreasing temperature and tends to saturate at low temperatures. Composites containing iron oxide particles with an average diameter of 80 Å exhibit superparamagnetism while those on the order of 1000 Å undergo an antiferromagnetic-type transition at 33 K. The magnetic susceptibility is critically dependent upon the particle size and the strength of the magnetic field.



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