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Multiscale Modeling of a Quantum Dot Heterostructure

  • P. Sengupta (a1), S. Lee (a1), S. Steiger (a1), H. Ryu (a1) and G. Klimeck (a1)...


A multiscale approach was adopted for the calculation of confined states in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots (QDs). While results close to experimental data have been obtained with a combination of atomistic strain and tight-binding (TB) electronic structure description for the confined quantum states in the QD, the TB calculation requires substantial computational resources. To alleviate this problem an integrated approach was adopted to compute the energy states from a continuum 8-band k.p Hamiltonian under the influence of an atomistic strain field. Such multiscale simulations yield a roughly six-fold faster simulation. Atomic-resolution strain is added to the k.p Hamiltonian through interpolation onto a coarser continuum grid. Sufficient numerical accuracy is obtained by the multiscale approach. Optical transition wavelengths are within 7% of the corresponding TB results with a proper splitting of p-type sub-bands. The systematically lower emission wavelengths in k.p are attributable to an underestimation of the coupling between the conduction and valence bands.



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Multiscale Modeling of a Quantum Dot Heterostructure

  • P. Sengupta (a1), S. Lee (a1), S. Steiger (a1), H. Ryu (a1) and G. Klimeck (a1)...


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