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A Multi-Atom, Self-Consistent, Relativistic Kkr Electronic Structure Program: Numerical Aspects and Applications

  • G. Y. Guo (a1) and W. M. Temmerman (a1)


A KKR program for self-consistent electronic structure and total energy calculations of complex solids has been developed. This program has been used to study structural, electronic and magnetic properties of a number of solids. In this paper, we give a description of several numerical techniques used in this KKR program which might be of use to other practitioners. We also present some results obtained using this program: c/a ratio of hexagonal Y, elastic constants of Mo, TiC and MgO, and static spin susceptibility of Pd.



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A Multi-Atom, Self-Consistent, Relativistic Kkr Electronic Structure Program: Numerical Aspects and Applications

  • G. Y. Guo (a1) and W. M. Temmerman (a1)


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