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Moth-Eye Light-Emitting Diodes

  • Hideki Kasugai (a1), Yasuto Miyake (a1), Akira Honshio (a1), Takeshi Kawashima (a1), Kazuyoshi Iida (a1), Motoaki Iwaya (a1), Satoshi Kamiyama (a1), Hiroshi Amano (a1), Isamu Akasaki (a1), Hiroyuki Kinoshita (a2) and Hiromu Shiomi (a2)...


Nitride-based blue-light-emitting diodes having a moth-eye structure were fabricated on the backside of a 6H-SiC substrate. The light extraction efficiency and the corresponding output power were increased by 3.8 times compared with those of an LED having the conventional structure. The results of theoretical analysis agree with these findings.



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