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Molecularly Imprinted Membranes Having Amphiphilic Scaffold Media for Target Molecule Recognition

  • Takaomi Kobayashi (a1), Takashi Onodera (a1) and Michiyoshi Ohta (a1)


Polyacrylonitrile copolymer having amphiphilic octyl-dimetyl quarternized ammonium moiety was used as imprint scaffolding media for Theophylline (THO) adsorbent. The THO imprinted membranes were prepared by phase inversion technique; The polymer dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) solution containing THO was cast and then phase-inversed in water to prepare THO imprinted membranes. After template extraction, adsorbent properties of THO were studied by heterogeneous binding experiments of THO and analogs such as caffeine, uracil, and theobromine. Results showed that imprinting effect was appeared in copolymer containing both octyl-hydrophobic group and positively charged ammonium groups.



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