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Molecular Self-Assembly Routes to Optically Functional Thin Films: Electroluminescent Multilayer Structures

  • W. Li (a1), J. E. Malinsky (a1), H. Chou (a1), W. Ma (a1), L. Geng (a1), T. J. Marks (a1), G. E. Jabbour (a2), S. E. Shaheen (a2), B. Kippelen (a2), N. Peyghambarian (a2), J. Andersont (a3), P. Lee (a3) and N. Armstrong (a3)...


This contribution describes the use of layer-by-layer self-limiting siloxane chemisorption processes to self-assemble structurally regular multilayer organic LED (OLED) devices. Topics discussed include: 1) the synthesis of silyl-functionalized precursor molecules for hole transport layer (HTL), emissive layer (EML), and electron transport layer (ETL) self-assembly, 2) the use of layer-by-layer self-assembly for ITO electrode modification/passivation/hole-electron balancing in a vapor-deposited device, 3) the microstructure/chemical characterization of HTL self-assembly using a prototype triarylamine precursor, 4) fabrication and properties of a hybrid self-assembled + vapor deposited two-layer LED, 4) fabrication and properties of a fully self-assembled two-layer OLED.



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