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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Hexadecane/Silicalite Interfaces

  • Edmund B. Webb (a1) and Gary S. Grest (a1)


The interface between liquid hexadecane and the (010) surface of silicalite was studied by molecular dynamics. The structure of molecules in the interfacial region is influenced by the presence of pore mouths on the silicalite surface. For this surface, whose pores are the entrances to straight channels, the concentration profile for partially absorbed molecules is peaked around 10 monomers inside the zeolite. No preference to enter or exit the zeolite based on absorption length is observed except for very small or very large absorption lengths. We also found no preferential conformation of the unabsorbed tails for partially absorbed molecules.



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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Hexadecane/Silicalite Interfaces

  • Edmund B. Webb (a1) and Gary S. Grest (a1)


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