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Molecular Beam Epitaxy of PbTe/EuTe Superlattices

  • G. Springholz (a1) and G. Bauer (a1)


Using reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED), the heteroepitaxy of EuTe on PbTe (111) by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) was investigated. The resulting EuTe (111) surfaces exhibit different surface reconstructions corresponding to a Te-stabilized or a Eu-stabilized surface. We have observed perfect 2D layer-by-layer heteroepitaxial growth and RHEED intensity oscillations only for a small range of growth conditions. Using such optimum conditions, we have fabricated strained PbTe/EuTe superlattices with superior structural perfection, as shown by high resolution x-ray diffraction.



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Molecular Beam Epitaxy of PbTe/EuTe Superlattices

  • G. Springholz (a1) and G. Bauer (a1)


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