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Mn- and Fe- doped GaN for spintronic applications

  • Enno Malguth (a1), Axel Hoffmann (a2), Stefan Werner (a3), Matthew H. Kane (a4) and Ian T. Ferguson (a5)...


In the context of ferromagnetic spin-coupling in dilute magnetic semiconductors, we present optical investigations on Mg co-doped GaMnN and Fe doped GaN. A complex luminescence feature occurring in Mg co-doped GaMnN around 1 eV was previously attributed to the internal 4T2(F)—4T1(F) transition of Mn4+ involved in different complexes. Selective excitation studies indicate the presence of at least three different complexes. Photoluminescence excitation spectra suggest that the internal Mn3+ transition may represent an excitation mechanism. Magneto photoluminescence spectra indicate equal g values for the ground and excited state. Low temperature infrared absorption spectra of Fe doped GaN allow to unambiguously establish the electronic structure of the Fe2+ center in GaN. Our results suggest that the Fe2+(5T2) state is stabilized against Jahn-Teller coupling by the reduced site-symmetry of the hexagonal lattice.



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Mn- and Fe- doped GaN for spintronic applications

  • Enno Malguth (a1), Axel Hoffmann (a2), Stefan Werner (a3), Matthew H. Kane (a4) and Ian T. Ferguson (a5)...


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