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Million-Line Failure Distributions for Narrow Interconnects

  • M. C. Bartelt (a1), J. J. Hoyt (a1), N. C. Bartelt (a1), J. J. Dike (a2) and W. G. Wolfer (a1)...


We examine the distribution of failure times in a simple and computationally efficient, yet reasonably authentic, model of interconnect reliability that allows consideration of statistically significant samples. The model includes an approximate description of the distribution of grain sizes and texture in narrow interconnects, an effective treatment of stress evolution associated with mass transport along grain boundaries, and local relaxation of stresses due to void formation. Failure time distributions for populations of idealized structures are analyzed to aid in interpretation of model behavior.



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Million-Line Failure Distributions for Narrow Interconnects

  • M. C. Bartelt (a1), J. J. Hoyt (a1), N. C. Bartelt (a1), J. J. Dike (a2) and W. G. Wolfer (a1)...


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