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Migration Behavior of Carbonate-14C in Tuffaceous Soil

  • S. Nagao (a1) and M. Senoo (a1)


A simple closed column system was developed to study migration of bicarbonate and carbonate 14C in soil layer. Experimental data for glass beads having less the 14C adsorption indicate that the system can be performed on column experiment keeping mass balance of 14C. Migration behavior of bicarbonate and carbonate 14C in a tuffaceous sandy soil was investigated by this column system in the pH range from 8 to 12. The 14C was delayed to tritiated water, and the retardation became stronger in order, pH 12 < pH 10 < pH 8. This is considered to be due to pH-dependent adsorption of bicarbonate and carbonate ions onto the soil sample.



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Migration Behavior of Carbonate-14C in Tuffaceous Soil

  • S. Nagao (a1) and M. Senoo (a1)


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