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Micro-uniformity during laser anneal : metrology and physics

  • W. Vandervorst (a1), E. Rosseel (a2), R. Lin (a3), D. H. Petersen (a4), T. Clarysse (a5), J. Goossens (a6), P. F. Nielsen (a7) and K. Churton (a8)...


Maintaining or improving device performance while scaling semiconductor devices, necessitates the development of extremely shallow (< 20 nm) source/drain extensions with a very high dopant concentration and electrical activation level. Whereas solutions based on RTA with cocktail implants have been proposed in previous generations, sub-45 nm technologies will require even shallower junctions which motivates the research effort on milli-second anneal approaches as these hold the promise of minimal diffusion coupled with high activation levels [1]. Laser annealing is one of these concepts proposed to achieve the junction specifications and is typically described as a msec anneal process. Different from lamp based concepts which illuminate a full wafer simultaneously, the laser has an illuminated area which is much smaller than the wafer size thus necessitating a dedicated scanning pattern. In such a case one is potentially faced with areas subject to multiple overlaps and/or different temperatures and thus issues related to within wafer and within die uniformity need to be addressed.

In this work we use optimized metrology to probe such macro- and micro non-uniformity and determine the origin of the various components contributing to the observed non-uniformity patterns (laser stitching patterns, laser beam uniformity, optical path) and their impact on the local sheet resistance.



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