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Microstructure and IR Range Optical Properties of Pure DLC and DLC Containing Dopants Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition

  • Q. Wei (a1), A.K. Sharma (a1), R.J. Narayan (a1), N.M. Ravindra (a2), S. Oktyabrsky (a1), J. Sankar (a1), J.F. Muth (a3), R.M. Kolbas (a3) and J. Narayan (a1)...


We have investigated the microstructure and the IR range optical properties(emittance, transmittance and reflectance) of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films with the incorporation of dopants. The DLC films were deposited by pulsed laser deposition with a novel target configuration allowing incorporation of dopants, such as silicon, titanium and copper, into the films. Raman spectroscopy, radial distribution function (RDF) and coordination defect analysis of the electron diffraction pattern of the films showed typical features of DLC with a structure dictated by sp3 bonded carbon, indicating that the overall DLC characteristics did not change upon doping. The IR range optical measurements showed that in addition to the general band-toband transitions, free carriers and phonon contributions, localized states also contribute to the emissivity in DLC and they smooth out the sharp features of the emissivity spectra. The effect of dopants is to enhance the contribution from the free carriers and localized states. The results were discussed on the basis of the effect of dopants on the electronic structure of DLC films.



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