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Microscale Titania Shapes Grown Within Swollen PDMS

  • Daniel P. Brennan (a1), Arthur D. Dobley (a1) and Scott R. J. Oliver (a1)


A variety of titania microstructures have been synthesized using a swollen polymer matrix of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The shapes and structures grown to date include spheres, ‘bowls’, ‘nets’ and ‘brain coral’ matrices. The PDMS polymer network can be swollen by one of a variety of organic solvents. These solvents create internal voids or spaces within the PDMS, of particular volume. These spaces can then be filled with metal alkoxide liquid. The metal alkoxide is then polymerized to form metal oxides, in a shape templated by the swollen PDMS polymer. The resultant product is a composite of metal oxide within a polymer. Some of the shapes can be removed mechanically or chemically. Methods of characterization include scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and optical microscopy. Potential applications of the shaped titania include catalysts, fillers, capsules, and chemical separators. The synthesis and characterization of these compounds will be discussed.



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Microscale Titania Shapes Grown Within Swollen PDMS

  • Daniel P. Brennan (a1), Arthur D. Dobley (a1) and Scott R. J. Oliver (a1)


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