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Micromachined Shear Stress Sensors for Characterization of Surface Forces During Chemical Mechanical Polishing

  • Andrew Mueller (a1), Robert White (a2), Vincent Manno (a3), Chris Rogers (a4), Sriram Anjur (a5) and Mansour Moinpour (a6)...


This paper describes the fabrication and calibration of micromachined shear stress sensors intended for characterization of the local pad-wafer contact forces present during chemical-mechanical polishing. Sensors consist of arrays of microfabricated poly-dimethyl-siloxane (PDMS) posts and are able to measure forces ranging from 2 to 200 μN. The posts are 100 μm high and have diameters of 40-100 μm. Calibrated post deflection sensitivities are linear and lie between 0.2 μm/μN and 1.3μm/μN. Sensor design, fabrication, and calibration are detailed. Feasibility is established for sensor integration into a CMP scale model test setup, including an optical viewing method for observing post deflection during polishing. Initial micrographs of post deflection during polishing do not yet have sufficient resolution to determine the microscale forces during polishing.



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