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Methods And Needs For Low K Material Research

  • Chiu H. Ting (a1) (a2) and Thomas E. Seidel (a1) (a3)


For several years the industry has recognized the need of developing low k dielectric material and high conductivity metal for high performance interconnect. Low k dielectric will impact both power and delay favorably, while higher conductivity metal will reduce delay time. In order to be useful, new low k dielectric materials must be carefully characterized for their electrical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties. In addition, their impact on process integration, fabrication cost and device reliability must also be considered. Since the gestation period for introducing a new material is very long, a set of standard testing methodologies are required to speed up the development process. This review will discuss various material options and the progress of material development and characterization methodologies. Example results will be provided for assessing these parameters.



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