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Methanol Conversion on SAPO-34 Catalysts Synthesized by Tri-templates

  • Liping Ye (a1), Fahai Cao (a1), Weiyong Ying (a1), Dingye Fang (a1) and Qiwen Sun (a2)...


The effect of different combinations of a new tri-templating agent TEAOH/DEA/TEA, namely tetraethyl ammonium hydroxide (TEAOH)/diethylamine (DEA)/triethylamine (TEA), on the catalytic performance of SAPO-34 was investigated in MTO conversion. It was found that SAPO-34 and SAPO-5 are competing phases at TEA concentrations higher than 40 %. Pure SAPO-34 with high crystallinity, large BET surface area and small crystal size (0.8~1.4μm) was obtained at a low TEA concentrations. The combination of TEAOH/DEA/TEA strongly governed the acidity of crystals. TEAOH:DEA:TEA=0.67:0.67:0.67 gave an economical catalyst active in MTO reaction with 100 % methanol conversion, 89.39 % ethylene and propylene selectivity, a longest lifetime and a high coke capability of 24.2 wt %.


Corresponding author


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Methanol Conversion on SAPO-34 Catalysts Synthesized by Tri-templates

  • Liping Ye (a1), Fahai Cao (a1), Weiyong Ying (a1), Dingye Fang (a1) and Qiwen Sun (a2)...


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