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Metal/Silicide Interactions in the Ti-Co-Si System.

  • M. Setton (a1), J. Van Der Spiegel (a2), R. Madar (a3) and O. Thomas (a3)


Confirming the results obtained for Ti-Co bilayers on Si and in accordance with the phase diagram, the high temperature formation and stability of three ternary silicides Ti0.75Co0.25Si2 (T phase), TiCoSi (E) and Ti4Co4Si7 (V) is reported. The Si rich T phase grows for Ti / CoSi2 and Co / TiSi2 structures. The tetragonal V compound is obtained by annealing Ti (400 Å) / Co (250 Å) / Si (900 Å) / SiO2 whereas orthorhombic TiCoSi is prepared using Ti / CoSi / Si3N4 samples.



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