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Metalization of Oriented Crystalline Films on Amorphous SiO2/Si

  • Li Luo (a1), M. Nastasi (a1), C. J. Maggiore (a1), R. F. Pinizzotto (a2), H. Yang (a2) and F. Namavar (a3)...


To meet the needs for vertical integration in microelectronic devices, metalization should not only provide required conducting properties, but should also be suitable for further epitaxial growth so that multilayer structures or heterostructures can be formed. For Si based electronic devices, this has been hindered by the amorphous nature of SiO2. SiO2 layers have been extensively used to passivate the Si surfaces and act as dielectric insulators for forming integrated circuits. In this study, we show that high quality, oriented, metallic nickel disilicide (NiSi2) thin films can be formed on SiO2/Si by combining both ion implantation and e-beam evaporation techniques. The orientation of the Si substrate is maintained in the NiSi2 film as if the SiO2 is not present. RBS/ion channeling and TEM were used to characterize the structures formed and the results indicated that the metallic NiSi2 films were comparable with the films made directly on Si under the same deposition condition. This method should, in general, be applicable to other suicides that have been epitaxially grown on Si.



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