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MEMS Metallization

  • Christian Lohmann (a1), Knut Gottfried (a2), Andreas Bertz (a1), Danny Reuter (a1), Karla Hiller (a1), Michael Kuhn (a1) and Thomas Gessner (a1) (a2)...


Silicon is the dominating material for the fabrication of MEMS devices, especially in high volume production. However, metals with their typical properties are used to enhance or enable the functionality of MEMS. In contrast to microelectronic technologies, not only the electrical but also the mechanical and optical behavior of metals could be helpful. New requirements in MEMS technologies demand optimized processes in metallization for the fabrication of microstructures.

This paper presents some metallization applications and related technology development in the field of MEMS.



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MEMS Metallization

  • Christian Lohmann (a1), Knut Gottfried (a2), Andreas Bertz (a1), Danny Reuter (a1), Karla Hiller (a1), Michael Kuhn (a1) and Thomas Gessner (a1) (a2)...


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