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Mechanical properties of SU-8

  • A. Mcaleavey (a1), G. Coles (a1), R. L. Edwards (a2) and W. N. Sharpe (a2)


An existing test system for recording the stress-strain curves of metal microspecimens has been used to measure the strength of the ultrathick photoresist SU-8. The microspecimens are 3 mm long with a gage section 0.2 mm wide. The SU-8-25 specimens were 0.08 mm thick with an average strength of nearly 120 MPa, and the SU-8-50 specimens were 0.125 or 0.145 mm thick with an average strength of 130 MPa. Measurements of Young's modulus proved difficult, but a preliminary value of 3 GPa was obtained.



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