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The mechanical Properties of CVD Diamond Films, and Diamond Coated Fibres and Wires

  • E D Nicholson (a1), J E Field (a2), P G Partridge (a3) and M N R Ashfold (a1)


Two areas of thin film property measurement are addressed. The first is that of flat films, either on a substrate or free-standing. The film properties only are of interest. Therefore, when the film remains attached to a substrate during testing, an appropriate analysis is used to subtract the effect of the substrate. The films under test are prospective protective coatings and ‘window’ materials for infrared applications, namely CVD diamond (Hot filament Assisted, HFACVD and Microwave plasma assisted, MPACVD) and Germanium carbide (Ge:C). The mechanical properties under investigation are the Young's modulus and the internal film stress.

In the second case the substrates are small diameter fibres and wires coated with CVD diamond. The mechanical properties measured were composite, containing contributions from both the substrate and the film. These coated fibres and wires, have possible applications as reinforcement phases in the production of composites. They are silicon carbide (SiC) and Tungsten (W) of diameters varying between 10 and 125μm. A technique has been developed to measure the Young's modulus of individual coated fibres.



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