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Mechanical Properties of CuNi Films

  • W. Brückner (a1), F. Macionczyk (a1) and G. Reiss (a1)


The mechanical properties of resistive CuNi films sputtered on both silicon wafers and flexible Kapton foils are important for reliability and lifetime of resistors. Studies of stress-temperature dependence and stress relaxation, stress-strain measurements and scanning scratch tests were performed to investigate film stresses, elastic properties, plastic flow, stress for crack initiation and film adhesion. The growth and annealing stresses were found to be tensile and can be seen as the reason for resistance degradation by stress relaxation due to plastic flow. The strains for crack initiation of 0.2 % to 0.7 % depending on film thickness and annealing restrict the application in resistors on flexible substrates. The film adhesion can be improved by a NiCr base-layer.



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Mechanical Properties of CuNi Films

  • W. Brückner (a1), F. Macionczyk (a1) and G. Reiss (a1)


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