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Mechanical Properties of Chemically Functionalized Clay Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites

  • S. Balakrishnan (a1) and D. Raghavan (a1)


This study focuses on the role of chemistry of onium salt(s) used in functionalizing clay and the processing conditions in achieving exfoliated clay vinyl ester nanocomposites. Two different clay treatments were added to vinyl ester resin and three different processing conditions were examined in the formulation of nanocomposite. Through this study, we demonstrate that the degree of exfoliation and dispersion of layered silicate nanocomposite is affected by both processing and the clay chemical treatment. At an organoclay loading of only 3.5wt%, the modulus improved by 20% in partially reactive organoclay system, while the modulus improved by 10% in nonreactive organoclay system compared to that of pristine vinyl ester resin.



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