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Mechanical Properties and Adhesion of PZT Thin Films for MEMS

  • J. M. Jungk (a1), B. T. Crozier (a1), A. Bandyopadhyay (a1), N. R. Moody (a2) and D. F. Bahr (a1)...


Piezoelectric films are attractive materials for use in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) due to their ability to act as both sensors and actuators. One of the primary modes of deformation is the deflection of lead zirconate titantate (PZT) beams and membranes, where the adhesion of the film is critical for the reliability of the device. Thin films of PZT between 250 and 750 nm have been grown via solution deposition routes onto platinized silicon substrates. The films have been tested using nanoindentation techniques. Two failure mechanism in these films have been observed Indentation induced delamination at the PZT-Pt interface occurs after the indenter tip is removed from the film when loads between 1 and 10 mN are applied to the sample, and at large loads (>75 mN) failure can be generated between the underlying oxide film and the silicon substrate while the tip is still engaged with the sample. Since each of these failure modes has a different mechanics solution, the results are compared to determine adhesion energy of the films. Fracture around the delaminated regions has been examined using scanning probe and electron microscopy. Freestanding PZT membranes above micromachined cavities have been mechanically deformed to examine the mechanical response and failure modes in these structures. The adhesion of the PZT improves with increased percent crystallization due to the introduction of residual tensile stresses. Processing, mechanical properties, and failure modes in these devices will be discussed.



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Mechanical Properties and Adhesion of PZT Thin Films for MEMS

  • J. M. Jungk (a1), B. T. Crozier (a1), A. Bandyopadhyay (a1), N. R. Moody (a2) and D. F. Bahr (a1)...


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