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Magnetism in Cylindrical NiFe Nanotubes

  • hwifen liew (a1), Sarjoosing Goolaup (a2), Xinghua Wang (a3) and Wensiang Lew (a2)


We report the fabrication of ferromagnetic NiFe nanotubes with a wall thickness of 80 nm by electrodeposition in nanoporous templates. The structure and wall thickness of the nanotubes are controlled by the thickness of the conductive layer at the back of the templates. The NiFe nanotubes have shown soft magnetic material properties with high magnetic saturation and low coercivity. The NiFe nanotube arrays are preferentially magnetized in the perpendicular direction to the nanotubes. Micromagnetic simulation results show that a curling mode is perceived with the formation of opposite magnetic vortex states on the end of the nanotube surface during the magnetization process.



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