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Magnetic Properties of GaN Layers Implanted by Mn, Cr or V.

  • Vitaliy A. Guzenko (a1), Nicolas Thillosen (a1), Andre Dahmen (a1), Raffaella Calarco (a1), Thomas Schäpers (a1), Martina Luysberg (a2) and Lothar Houben (a2)...


We report on magnetic properties of the GaN layers implanted with 3d transition metal ions. GaN layers grown by MOVPE on sapphire substrates, p- or n-doped, were implanted by Mn, Cr or V ions with a dose of 5×1016 cm−2 and implantation energy of 200 keV. Subsequently, a rapid thermal annealing in nitrogen atmosphere for 5 minutes at different temperatures (700°C – 1050°C) was performed. The magnetization as a function of magnetic field as well as the dependence on temperature revealed paramagnetic behavior for all samples. In addition, an antiferromagnetic coupling between implanted ions was found.



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