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Magnetic Properties of 100 NM-Period Nickel Nanowire Arrays Obtained from Ordered Porous-Alumina Templates

  • K. Nielsch (a1), R.B. Wehrspohn (a1), S.F. Fischer (a2), H. Kronmüller (a2), J. Barthel (a1), J. Kirschner (a1) and U. Gösele (a1)...


Ni nanowires were grown in highly-ordered anodic alumina templates using pulsed electrodeposition. This technique yields completely metal-filled alumina membranes. The magnetic behavior of 100 nm period arrays of Ni nanowires with a length of 1 μ and different diameters has been characterized using SQUID magnetometry and magnetic force microscopy. Reducing the diameter from initially 50 to 25 nm while keeping the interwire distance constant leads to increasing coercive fields from 600 Oe to 1200 Oe and to increasing remanence from 30% to 100% of the hysteresis. The deposition of Ni65Fe35 gave a further improvement of the coercive fields up to 1350 Oe.



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