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Magnetic Anisotropy in Epitaxial Ni/Cu (100) Thin Films

  • G. Bochi (a1), C. A. Ballentine (a1), H. E. Inglefield (a1), S. S. Bogomolov (a1), C. V. Thompson (a1) and R. C. Ohandley (a1)...


Epitaxial Ni/Cu (001) films grown on Si (001) by Molecular Beam Epitaxy were studied in-situ using the Surface Magneto-optic Kerr Effect (SMOKE) and ex-situ with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM). Perpendicular Magnetization is observed for Ni thicknesses 15 Å ≤ h ≤ 60 Å and fully in-plane magnetization for h ≥ 70 Å when the films are characterized in-situ. The reversal in magnetic anisotropy observed in-situ at 60 Å shifts to 125 Å when the films are exposed to air. 100 Å Ni films deposited on Cu1−x-Nix alloy substrates also show a reversal in magnetic anisotropy as x is changed. These results suggest that changes in magnetic anisotropy correlate with misfit strain accommodation.



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