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Lutetium Oxide Coatings by PVD

  • Stephen G Topping (a1), C H Park (a2), S K Rangan (a3) and V K Sarin (a4)


Due to its high density and cubic structure, Lutetium oxide (Lu2O3) has been extensively researched for scintillating applications. Present manufacturing methods, such as hot pressing and sintering, do not provide adequate resolution due to light scattering of polycrystalline materials. Vapor deposition has been investigated as an alternative manufacturing method. Lutetium oxide transparent optical coatings by magnetron sputtering offer a means of tailoring the coating for optimum scintillation and resolution. Low crystallization in the sputtering process adversely affects transparency and scintillation, and is critical in growing stress free, thick coatings. The effect of process parameters on the crystallization is being investigated via x-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and emission spectroscopy and will be presented and discussed.



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Lutetium Oxide Coatings by PVD

  • Stephen G Topping (a1), C H Park (a2), S K Rangan (a3) and V K Sarin (a4)


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