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Luminescence Properties of Ytterbium and Oxygen Coimplanted InP

  • H. J. Lozykowski (a1) and A. K. Alshawa (a1)


In this work we report a systematic study of the effect of oxygen on ytterbium 4f- 4f emission by coimplanting Yb and O into InP. The PL spectra of InP: Yb and InP: (Yb+O) as a function of annealing temperature and duration were studied. In addition the photoluminescence and kinetic processes were investigated as a function of temperature and excitation intensity.The investigation shows that the codoped oxygen reduces drastically the Yb3+ emissioon from SI and n-type InP:Yb under intrinsic excitation. The codoping of Yb and 0 may create a complex involving a YbIn and Op. This structured isoelectronic (YbIn- Op) complex, may behave as a deep trap (or a deep donor) located approximately at the middle of bandgap. Exciton bound to such centers will not have sufficient energy to excite the core Yb 4f electrons by Auger direct energy transfer process.



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