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Low Temperature Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide and Tantalum Carbide Film Growth

  • Y.-M. Sun (a1), S.Y. Lee (a1), E. R. Engbrecht (a1), K. Pfeifer (a2), S. Smith (a2), J. M. White (a1) and J. G. Ekerdt (a1)...


Abstract:Low temperature chemical vapor deposition of tungsten, tungsten carbide and tantalum carbide films on SiO2/Si(100) surfaces was studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and electron microscopy. Tungsten carbide films were deposited using the W(CO)6 precursor with and without ethylene over temperatures ranging from 250 to 500 °C. The films grown without ethylene contained approximately 13 % carbon and 6 % oxygen. Cross section scanning electron microscopy imaging of the films grown at various temperatures without ethylene shows a polycrystalline microstructure, and the grain size increases dramatically as the growth temperature increases. Introducing ethylene increased carbon incorporation and changed the microstructure to amorphous-like. The tungsten to carbon ratio was approximately 2 at growth below 500 °C, and reached ~ 1.2 above 500 °C. The tantalum carbide films were deposited in a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process using methane. The PECVD tantalum carbide films were conductive with a resistivity of ~1000 µΩ cm, which is about one order of magnitude lower than thermally grown films from pentakisdimethylamino tantalum.



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