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Low Temperature Remote Plasma Assisted Jet Vapor Deposition of Silicon Nitride

  • J. Veteran (a1), C. Hobbs (a1), R. Hegde (a1), P. Tobin (a1), V. Wang (a1), H. Tseng (a1), G. Kenig (a1), M. Hartig (a1), T. Tamagawa (a2), R. Doran (a2), P. Makowicz (a2), J. Schmitt (a2), B. Halpern (a2) and J. Z. Zhang (a2)...


As MOSFET dimensions are aggressively scaled, minimizing the thermal budget becomes critical for limiting the diffusion of channel profiles. Unfortunately, high quality dielectrics with low deposition temperatures have not been readily available. Typical room temperature dielectrics are porous and electrically leaky. A promising technique for low temperature dielectric deposition is Jet Vapor Deposition (JVD). [1] Two coaxial quartz nozzles spray the process gases to the substrate surface at super-sonic speeds while a microwave cavity generates a plasma in the nozzle. [2] We have successfully deposited silicon nitride films using SiH4/He and N2/He gas mixtures. These are the first reported JVD results on 200 mm wafers.



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