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Low Temperature Polysilicon Materials and Devices

  • D. Pribat (a1), P. Legagneux (a1), F. Plais (a1), C. Reita (a1), F. Petinot (a1) and O. Huet (a1)...


In this paper, we essentially discuss the material aspects of low temperature (≤ 600 °C) polysilicon technologies. Emphasis is put on the properties of polysilicon films, depending on the way they are obtained. Solid phase crystallisation as well as pulsed laser crystallisation processes are presented in some detail, together with thin film transistor characteristics. Although not yet stabilised and despite uniformity and reproducibility problems, laser crystallisation will probably end up being the technology of choice for the manufacture of large area electronics products, because it allows the fabrication of devices exhibiting superior properties, with a reduced thermal budget.



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Low Temperature Polysilicon Materials and Devices

  • D. Pribat (a1), P. Legagneux (a1), F. Plais (a1), C. Reita (a1), F. Petinot (a1) and O. Huet (a1)...


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