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Low Temperature ECR -Plasma Assisted MOCVD Microcrystalline and Amorphous GaN Deposition and Characterization for Electronic Devices

  • Z. Hassan (a1), M. E. Kordesch (a1), W. M. Jadwisienzak (a2), H. J. Lozykowski (a2), W. Halverson (a3) and P. C. Colter (a3)...


GaN films have been deposited over a range of temperatures from 50 C to 650 C by ECR plasma MOCVD on silicon (111) and (100), sapphire and quartz using triethylgallium and molecular nitrogen or ammonia as reagents. Growth rates of 2 um/hr are achieved on temperature-controlled substrates (total reactor pressure 0.5 mTorr, 250 watts at 2.45 GHz).

Films deposited at 200, 600 and 650 C on sapphire show the GaN(0002) diffraction peak and sharp photoluminescence lines (at 10 K) between 370 and 400 nm and broad emission at 530-550 nm. Broad photoluminescence at 390 nm is observed from GaN/Si( 11). Films deposited at 50 and 100 C show no evidence of a crystalline phase or GaN(0002) diffraction peak. The films are smooth and optically transparent. A broad photoluminescence peak at 520 nm, with a fwhm of about 150 nm is also observed (at 10K). The optical bandgap is measured to be about 2.6-2.7 eV. All of these films show a GaN LO phonon mode at 736 cm-l. IR spectra indicate some hydrocarbon impurities in the low temperature films.

Prototype devices (Schottky barrier diodes) have been made from MOCVD GaN and amorphous GaN.



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