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Low Interface State Density at Pseudomorphic ZnSe/Epitaxial GaAs Interface

  • Q.-D. Qian (a1), J. Qiu (a1), M. Kobayashi (a1), R.L. Gunshor (a1), L.A. Kolodziejski, M.R. Melloch (a1), J.A. Cooper (a1), J.M. Gonsalves (a1) and N. Otsuka (a1)...


The electrical properties of pseudomorphic ZnSe/epilayer GaAs heterointerfaces, grown by MBE, have been investigated by capacitance versus voltage (C-V) and current versus voltage (I- V) measurements. Hole accumulation and inversion were observed in ZnSe/p-GaAs interfaces and ZnSe/n-GaAs interfaces, respectively. The C-V characteristics of the Au/ZnSe/p-GaAs capacitors are nearly ideal, exhibiting an interface state density (2.5x1011cm-2) which compares favorably with the densities reported at AlGaAs/GaAs interfaces.



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