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Local Structure and Vibrational Properties of α-Pu, α-U, and the α-U Charge Density Wave

  • Erik J. Nelson (a1), Patrick Allen (a2), Kerri J. Blobaum (a3), Mark A. Wall (a4) and Corwin H. Booth (a5)...


The local atomic environment and vibrational properties of monoclinic α-Pu, orthorhombic α-U, and the α-U charge-density-wave (CDW) modulation are examined by extended x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (EXAFS). Debye-Waller factors from temperature-dependent EXAFS measurements are fit to a correlated Debye model. The observed Pu-Pu bond Debye temperature is θ cD (α-Pu) = 162 ± 5 K for the pure α-Pu phase. The temperature dependence of the U-U nearest neighbor and second nearest neighbor Debye-Waller factors exhibits a sharp discontinuity in slope near TCDW = 43 K, the transition temperature at which the charge-density wave (CDW) in α-U occurs. Our measurement of the CDW using EXAFS is the first observation of the structure of the CDW in polycrystalline α-U.



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Local Structure and Vibrational Properties of α-Pu, α-U, and the α-U Charge Density Wave

  • Erik J. Nelson (a1), Patrick Allen (a2), Kerri J. Blobaum (a3), Mark A. Wall (a4) and Corwin H. Booth (a5)...


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