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The Local Structure and I-V Characteristics of Chromium Doped Semiconducting Boron Carbide

  • Jing Liu (a1), P. A. Dowben (a1), Guangfu Luo (a2) (a3), Wai-Ning Mei (a2), Anil Kumar Rajapitamahuni (a1), Andre Sokolov (a1), Sudarshan Karki (a4) and Anthony N. Caruso (a4)...


The local spin configuration and band structure of chromium doped boron carbide calculated by density functional theory suggests local magnetic ordering. While the long range dopant position appears random in the boron carbide semiconductor, the local position and initial empirical/computational results suggest the promise of large magneto-resistive effects. The chromium doped boron carbide thin films, fabricated by boron carbide-chromium co-deposition, were studied by current-voltage (I-V) characteristics measurements. The results provide some reason to believe that magneto-resistive effects are indeed present at room temperature.



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