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Liquid-crystals-plasmonics for ultrafast broadband all-optical switching

  • I. C. Khoo (a1), J. Huang (a1), S. Zhou (a1), J. Liou (a1), K. L. Hong (a1) and Yi Ma (a1)...


We present the results and critical analyses of recent studies of ultrafast optical nonlinearities of liquid crystals in the isotropic and ordered phases for time scales spanning femtoseconds – microseconds. Pure undoped liquid crystals as well as liquid crystals containing plasmonic nano-particles have been investigated. Individual molecular electronic optical nonlinearities are found to be useful for femtoseconds – nanoseconds nonlinear transmission clamping applications. On the other hand, laser induced order parameter and birefringence modification in aligned nematic cells allow very rapid transmission switching of visible as well as near infrared lasers with response times in the sub-microseconds - few nanoseconds regime.



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Liquid-crystals-plasmonics for ultrafast broadband all-optical switching

  • I. C. Khoo (a1), J. Huang (a1), S. Zhou (a1), J. Liou (a1), K. L. Hong (a1) and Yi Ma (a1)...


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