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Light-induced Tuning of Microfiber-knot Resonator Overlaid with Azobenzene-doped Nematic Liquid Crystals

  • Vincent K.S. Hsiao (a1), Zhe Chen (a2), Min-Chi Jheng (a1), Xiaoqing Li (a2) and Jianhui Yu (a2)...


This paper demonstrates light-induced tuning of optical spectrum from optical microfiber knot resonator overlaid with an azobenzene-doped nematic liquid crystal (azo-doped NLC). The high-quality fiber resonator is made by drawing the single mode fiber to the micro-size diameter and self-twisting the microfiber as a knot shape. During the UV light irradiation the azobenzene molecules perform trans-to-cis photoisomerization which disrupts the NLC orientation. The disrupted NLC changes the effective refractive index within the LC overlaid fiber area and shifts the optical spectrum of microfiber knot resonator. The 0.25 nm spectral shifting of resonance wavelength was observed under the irradiation of 50 mW UV light.



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