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Light-induced Open-circuit Voltage Increase in Amorphous Silicon/Microcrystalline Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

  • Xiaodan Zhang (a1), Guanghong Wang (a1), Shengzhi Xu (a1), Shaozhen Xiong (a1), Xinhua Geng (a1) and Ying Zhao (a1)...


Light-induced metastability of amorphous/microcrystalline (micromorph) silicon tandem solar cell, in which the microcrystalline bottom cell was deposited in a single-chamber system, has been studied under a white light for more than 1000 hours. Two different light-induced metastable behaviors were observed. The first type was the conventional light-induced degradation, where the open-circuit voltage (Voc ), fill factor (FF), and short-circuit current density (Jsc ) were degraded, hence the efficiency was degraded as well. This phenomenon was observed mainly in the tandem cells with a bottom cell limited current mismatch. The second type was with a light-induced increase in Voc , which sometimes resulted in an increase in efficiency. The second type of light-induced metastability was observed in the tandem cells with a top cell limited current mismatch. The possible mechanisms for these phenomena are discussed.



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