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Light Induced Defects in a-Si:H, Temperature Dependence of their Creation and Anneal and their effect on Photocarrier Lifetime

  • Paul Stradins (a1), Hellmut Fritzsche (a1) and Minh Q. Tran (a1)


We compared the effect of light soaking on the photoresponse and defect concentration ND of samples prepared by normal glow discharge, by remote plasma discharge, by the heated mesh and by the hot wire deposition methods. After exposure to 4×1027 cm−3 absorbed photons all samples have the nearly the same Np and photoresponse. At low temperatures additional defects with small anneal energies are created. Defects created at low temperatures were found to relax between 100K and 300K before they anneal. These new results cannot be explained by present models of defect creation. The kinetics of defect creation at low temperatures is discussed.



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