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Lateral and Vertical Phase Separation Control of Thin-film Structures for Photovoltaics

  • A. C. Arias (a1), J. D. MacKenzie (a1), N. Corcoran (a1) and R. H. Friend (a1)


Investigations on microscopic and photovoltaic properties of polyfluorene blends are presented here. The length scale of lateral phase separation is manipulated by control of solvent evaporation conditions. Photoluminescence efficiency measurements show that charge transfer is more effective in blends phase separated on the nanometer scale. Vertically segregated structures are obtained by a combination of solution viscosity and spin coating conditions. The external quantum efficiency of photovoltaic devices fabricated with vertically segregated blend is found to be 4 times higher than that of devices made with laterally segregated blends.



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