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Laser-Crystallized High Quality ITO on Plastic Substrates for Flexible Displays

  • Wonsuk Chung (a1), Paul Wickboldt (a1), Daniel Toet (a1), Paul G. Carey (a1) and Michael O. Thompson (a2)...


In the study presented here, we successfully demonstrated that high quality ITO films could be obtained on plastic substrates using Excimer laser crystallization. ITO films were first deposited at 10 °C on PEN substrates by DC magnetron sputtering, and then irradiated using a homogenized pulsed XeCl excimer laser beam (308 nm, 35 ns pulse duration) in a vacuum chamber. It was possible to reliably attain Type I ITO films with sheet resistances down to 35 Ω/΢, combined with 80 % optical transmittance in visible range. Well defined 2 μm lines could be obtained using simple HCl etchant at room temperature. We also developed Type II ITO films with a sheet resistance of 15 Ω/΢ and an optical transmittance of 80 % by means of laser annealing on plastic substrates, although these materials were found inferior to Type I in etching properties.



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