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Laser Assisted E-Beam Epitaxial Growth of Si/Ge Alloys on Si

  • Paul Martin Smith (a1), S. Lombardo (a2), M.J. Uttormark (a1), Stephen J. Cook (a1) and Michael O. Thompson (a1)...


A novel laser-assisted technique for e-beam epitaxial growth of Ge x Si1−x alloys on <100> Si has been investigated. During deposition, a XeCl excimer laser is used to either heat, or to melt and crystallize, the Ge x Si1−x continuously as the material is evaporated. This process of heating or melting and crystallizing can be continued until the desired film thickness is achieved. At incident laser energy densities which produce melt, the underlying crystalline seed ensures epitaxial growth during the subsequent solidification. Depositions of films up to 3 at.% Ge under this liquid regime, with substrates held nominally at room temperature, exhibited complete epitaxial growth. At energy densities below the melt threshold, enhanced surface mobility for epitaxial alignment is required. Depositions in this regime exhibit only partial epitaxial growth with conversion to fine grained polycrystalline growth after short distances.



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