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Kinetics of Oxygen Exchange in Sr(Ti0.65Fe0.35)O3

  • Th. Schneider (a1), S. F. Wagner (a1), W. Menesklou (a1) and E. Ivers-Tiffée (a1)


Current limiting electrochemical pumping cells (amperometric sensors) based on zirconia are commonly used for engine control applications. Fast resistive-type sensors adapted from semiconducting metal oxides are a promising alternative for future exhaust gas monitoring systems. Therefore among the interesting characteristics of the materials system Sr(Ti0.65Fe0.35)O3, including high sensitivity and temperature independence at high oxygen partial pressures (pO2 > 10-4 bar), a short response time (t90 = 30 ms) is obviously the most salient.

The latter is determined by the kinetics of the oxygen surface transfer and subsequent diffusion of oxygen vacancies V O. For thin samples and low temperatures the surface transfer is dominant, since bulk diffusion usually occurs very fast. The presented model is based on the frequency-domain analysis of amplitude and phase shift of the response signal obtained from a pO2 modulation in a fast kinetic measurement setup. This method allows both the measurement of response times in the sub-millisecond range as well as the distinction of the behaviour either controlled by volume diffusion or by surface transfer reaction in Sr(Ti0.65Fe0.35)O3 ceramics.



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Kinetics of Oxygen Exchange in Sr(Ti0.65Fe0.35)O3

  • Th. Schneider (a1), S. F. Wagner (a1), W. Menesklou (a1) and E. Ivers-Tiffée (a1)


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