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Kinetics of Ordering in Fe3Al: Experiment

  • Brent Fultz (a1), Zheng-Qiang Gao (a1) and Lawrence Anthony (a1)


Alloys near the Fe3Al stoichiometry were prepared far from thermodynamic equilibrium by rapid solidification methods. These highly disordered materials were then annealed at low temperatures to develop B2 and D03 order. Both shortrange and long-range order (SRO and LRO) were measured by Mössbauer spectrometry and by x-ray diffractometry, respectively. The SRO was found to evolve in two stages: an initial quick growth of the SRO alone, followed by a slower growth of SRO along with LRO. As expected, at lower temperatures the absolute rates of growth of order were suppressed, but more interestingly, the relative rates of growth of B2 and D03 long-range order parameters were different at different temperatures of annealing. When the B2 order parameter is graphed against the D03 order parameter, at lower temperatures the “kinetic path” through this graph shows that B2 order evolves relatively more rapidly than D03 order.



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1. Recall that the thermodynamic pair approximation provides equilibrium SRO and LRO parameters; its analogous kinetic approximation, activated-state rate theory in the pair approximation [2-4[, provides the time-dependence of the SRO and LRO parameters.
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Kinetics of Ordering in Fe3Al: Experiment

  • Brent Fultz (a1), Zheng-Qiang Gao (a1) and Lawrence Anthony (a1)


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