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Ion Impiantation Doping of Siox with 31P and 69Ga

  • K. S. Jones (a1), D. Venables (a1) and C. R. Horne (a1)


Implantations of annealed SIMOX and Si wafers have been done using P and Ga to investigate the effect of excess oxygen and oxygen precipitates on amorphous layer regrowth and category II (end-of-range) dislocation loop elimination. Solid phase epitaxial regrowth of the amorphous silicon in both SIMOX and Si control wafers occurred at 550°C without the formation of category III defects and annealing at 900°C 16 hours resulted in complete removal of the category II defects. In an oxidizing ambient, the implanted SIMOX wafer again exhibited complete defect elimination whereas the Si control wafer showed growth and development of extrinsic stacking faults. It is speculated that the buried oxide may act as a sink for the Si. SIMS results indicate the dopant getters to the Si/SiO2 interfaces and that redistribution can be modelled reasonably well with SUPREME III.



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