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Ion Current, Energy Distribution, and Radical Species Detection in RF Plasmas by Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy

  • Wayne M. Greene (a1), Mark A. Hartney (a1), Dennis W. Hess (a1) and William G. Oldham (a2)


Mass spectroscopy has been used to diagnose plasma processing atmospheres by detailing the flux of neutral and ion species and the energy distribution of ions impinging upon a substrate immersed in a glow discharge. The institution of a diagnostic tool to investigate the chemical (reactive neutral) and physical (ion) aspects involved in plasma processing is necessary to improve control and reliability in thin film materials processing. Research has focussed on ion-enhanced etching of tungsten thin films in NF3/O2 and the deposition of tungsten by the reaction of WF6 and H2 in rf glow discharge reactions.



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