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Ion Beam Synthesis of SiC/Si Heterostructures by Mevva Implantation

  • S. P. Wong (a1), L. C. Ho (a1), Djhu Cihen (a1), W. S. Guo (a1), H. Yan (a1) and R. W. M. Kwok (a2)...


Ion beam synthesis of SiC/Si heterostructures was performed by MIEVVA (metal vapor vacuum arc) implantation under various implantation and annealing conditions. The implanted SiC/Si heterostructures were characterized by various techniques. Carbon redistribution in overstoichiometrically implanted samples during annealing to form a stoichiometric SiC layer has been observed for the first time. The FTIR spectra were found to be composed of two components, one attributed to amorphous SiC and the other to ß-SiC. It was also found that there are critical dose and critical energy at which the crystalline fraction increases abruptly. Other results on electrical and optical characterization are also presented and discussed.



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Ion Beam Synthesis of SiC/Si Heterostructures by Mevva Implantation

  • S. P. Wong (a1), L. C. Ho (a1), Djhu Cihen (a1), W. S. Guo (a1), H. Yan (a1) and R. W. M. Kwok (a2)...


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